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Unique like a dream!

The journey that he started at the age of 13 in Istanbul in the workshop of Master Manas

has been continuing for 43 years. He's been doing what he knows best for 43 years.

What flows from nature to his mind, from his mind to his hands, he processes without sparing anything and entrusts a dream to its new owner.

"No need to look for a design!", he says. "Just face the nature!"

Ore is hidden in the nature and the design in the ore. You need an eye to see it.

And he has got the eye. He sometimes works with the ore like a builder and

sometimes like an architect. In the end, the projection of the design in his mind takes such a shape that if it falls into the hands of a thief, the thief wouldn't have the heart to melt or sell.

He takes great care of the heritage, improves to pass it to future generations.

With love!

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